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Expandable Flake Graphite

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Expandable graphite is a synthesized intercalation compound of graphite that expands or exfoliates when heated. Once heated, it results an increase in the volume of up to 400 times, a lowering of bulk density, and approximately a 10-fold increase in surface area. Then it’s compressed into a highly cohesive flexible sheet.

Another principal application is as a flame retardant. As a result of the heat of a fire the graphite expands and creates an intumescent layer on the surface of the material. This retards the spread of fire and minimizes one of the most harmful effects of combustion: the creation of toxic gases and fumes.

 Xingrunda Typical Expandable graphite grades


Special Types of Expandable Graphite:

1, High Expansion Rate Expandable Graphites:                             

       -  For 80mesh, expansion rate can reach up to 350.

        - For 50mesh,   expansion rate can reach up to 500

2, Low temperature Expandable Graphite                            

        - Expansion start temperature: 130℃, fully expansion temperature: 600℃                                  

3, High Purity Expandable Graphite                               

        - Carbon content of XRD product can reach up to 99.9%.

Benefits of expandable graphite as flame retardant:

1, Forms an intumescence layer with Thermal Radiation Shielding, with superior Heat Diffusion.
2, Stops or slows the spread of fire and toxic gases.
3, Easy to apply, cost Effective, satisfied performance with low adding levels.
4, Non-toxic, non-halogenated fire-stop additive.
5, Neutral surface pH makes compatible with any catalyst system.


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