Properties and common usage of graphite milk

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Properties and common usage of graphite milk

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      General properties of graphite milk:

      Graphite milk does not decompose or burn at high temperature, and the preparation is non-toxic in itself. It does not produce toxic substances or harmful gases in the working process and will not pollute the environment.

      Under the condition of high fever, graphite milk has good lubrication performance, even film forming, improving the forming condition of metal, so it can improve the quality and surface smoothness of forging parts, and improve the yield of forging parts.

      In the range of forging temperature, graphite milk has good lubricity and demoulding property. For example, for the die-forging process of large forging without ejecting device, one time spraying can be used for multiple stamping and forming.

      Graphite milk has good chemical stability and suspending property, no decomposition, no deterioration, no corrosion to workpiece and mould.

      Graphite milk has a good heat insulation and cooling effect on the mold, which makes the mold surface continuously harden and improves the heat resistance and pressure resistance of the mold, so it can improve the service life of the mold by 1-3 times.

      Graphite milk is easy to dilute, easy to use, easy to use mechanical spray, high efficiency.

      Graphite milk is commonly used

      1.The graphite milk should be stirred evenly before use. After a long time, there may be a small amount of solid precipitate, but after stirring, the original suspension can be restored to a uniform state, without reducing the effect.

      2.According to different requirements, the user can determine whether the original liquid is diluted and diluted multiple. The following proportions are for reference only.

      (1) forging parts with complex shape and difficult demoulding, with large and small dilution of 3-5 times. Dilute 5-10 times with small and medium water.

      (2) general forging and gear precision forging with water dilution of 5-15 times.

      (3) the dilution of roll forging process is 20-30 times.

      (4) for special process requirements, it is not diluted and used directly.

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      3. In order to ensure the effect of coating, automatic or manual graphite milk spray gun is required. Use, diluted with water to a certain ratio, storage container loading graphite spray gun, by 0.3 to 0.6 Mpa compressed air, for mist spraying mould. When the graphite spray gun stand for a period of time, when not in use should be spray gun, pipe and nozzle rinsing residual graphite, lest graphite precipitation plug line, then, should check whether the open, and the graphite emulsion shake, to prevent precipitation. Graphite spray gun flow were decided according to die forging technology to ask also, generally for 40 to 60 ml/SEC. In order to obtain better demoulding effect, it is better not to use the method of manual smear, which not only causes uneven coating, affects the effect of lubrication demoulding, but also causes a large waste of graphite milk.

      4. After the use of forged graphite milk, attention should be paid to sealing, not to be exposed to the sun, especially in winter to keep warm and prevent freezing.

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