Properties of graphite paper

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Properties of graphite paper

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      1. Workability of graphite paper: graphite paper can be molded into different sizes, shapes and thicknesses. It can provide die-cutting planar plates with thickness ranging from 0.05 to 1.5m.

      2, high temperature resistance of graphite paper: graphite paper use temperature up to 400 ℃, the minimum can be lower than to 40 ℃.

3. High thermal conductivity of graphite paper: the maximum thermal conductivity of graphite paper in the plane can reach 1500W/mK, and the thermal resistance is 40% lower than aluminum and 20% lower than copper.

4. Flexibility of graphite-paper: graphite-paper can be easily made into laminates with metal, insulating layer or double-sided adhesive, which increases the design flexibility and enables adhesives on the back.

5. Lightness of graphite paper: graphite paper is 30% lighter than aluminum of the same size and 80% lighter than copper.

6. Easy use of graphite paper: the graphite radiator can be smoothly attached to any surface and curved surface.

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