What are the applications of flake graphite in the high-tech electronics industry

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What are the applications of flake graphite in the high-tech electronics industry

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 With the development of science and technology, graphite has received much attention. The main market of high-tech graphite products is in the electronics industry. As a manufacturer of flake graphite, lithohai carbon material is taking advantage of this advantage to develop the high-tech application technology of graphite products.

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Graphite products have many kinds, has the good application in the electronics industry, such as ultra pure graphite, usually used in ion battery and alkaline battery electrodes, can effectively improve the electrical conductivity, ultrapure expanded graphite foil is used for fuel cell electrode plates, can effectively improve the electrical conductivity, and have a very considerable weight effect. Alkaline batteries in growing demand, this is expected, the ultra pure graphite in the battery industry consumption will also rise, and the fuel cell is ultra pure graphite consumption field of vision, global warming is threatening the sustainable development of human society, most countries are trying to use clean energy research and development, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

As an efficient and clean energy source, fuel cell has received more attention. Therefore, the development of fuel cell will also drive the increase of the demand for ultra-pure expanded graphite, which will promote the development of graphite market to a certain extent. The applications in the electronics industry also include all kinds of electric carbon graphite products we are familiar with, including electrode, brush, carbon rod, carbon pipe, anode plate, graphite washer and non-inductively conductive coating, electric contactor filler, various cathode-ray imaging tube coatings as good conductors of electricity.

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