What is the future development and present situation of graphite crucible

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What is the future development and present situation of graphite crucible

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      Graphite crucible is a necessary mineral material for traditional industries and strategic emerging industries. China is a large country of graphite resources in the world, but natural graphite resources are not renewable. The low level of consumption of raw ore will not only damage the economic interests of enterprises, but also harm the vital interests of future generations. The utilization of graphite crucible resources in China is still at the primary stage of purification and preliminary processing.

Grading of graphite products (such as grain size, purity, etc.) according to requirements and USES. Nuclear graphite requires high purity graphite, and pencil production requires low purity graphite. Large scale graphite is required for graphite-paper production, and fine scale graphite is sufficient for battery production. In iron and steel smelting, the soil graphite has enough carbon content to meet the requirement. The quality characteristics of products are determined according to their use, which not only saves cost, but also saves resources.

Further study on the structure and properties of graphite can improve the technical level of graphite industry. Breaking down the barriers between the traditional graphite industry and the carbon industry, developing graphite components, especially integrated graphite products that can be used directly by users, such as commercial electric car batteries rather than raw graphite for batteries, clearly has greater practical value and economic advantages. With the development of science, technology and industry, the application of graphite will be continuously expanded, and it will become a new functional material and structural material in the high-tech field, playing a more important role in the national economy.

      Graphite crucible industry has broad development prospects. On the one hand, traditional industries such as battery, refractory materials, machinery manufacturing, printing toner, pencil making have a long-term demand, and emerging industries such as new energy automobiles, wind power generation and environmental governance have great application potential. On the other hand, the graphite industry also relies on the development of high-performance graphite-based products. At present, China's natural graphite industry mainly carries out mining and mineral processing, mainly relying on cheap labor to gain profits. According to the properties of graphite, the graphite industry has long-term development potential in the following aspects.

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The special graphite crucible mainly includes isostatic graphite and needle coke, which has been widely used. The important consumption area of isobaric graphite is the production of solar silicon crystals. Due to the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, the output of silicon crystals expands rapidly. As the scale effect of the photovoltaic industry plays out, the cost of photovoltaic industry is constantly declining. In addition, the impact of the nuclear crisis, the future application prospect of the photovoltaic industry is greater. Isostatic graphite is mainly used in solar pv and semiconductor, continuous casting crystallizer, electric spark processing and nuclear power, especially driven by the photovoltaic industry. In the photovoltaic industry chain, the demand for isostatic graphite has increased significantly, and the production of large-size isostatic graphite mainly sells products such as thermal field and crucible, etc. At present, the profitability of isostatic graphite will remain high in the context of the current capacity bottleneck in domestic production of isostatic graphite. From the perspective of domestic market demand, the annual demand of China's equivalent static pressure graphite will exceed 30,000 tons in 2015, focusing on listed companies such as boyun new material and sinosteel carbon.

Synthetic diamond is produced from carbon materials such as graphite and some metals by reaction. It is widely used in various fields of national economy. With the continuous expansion of China's investment and infrastructure, the upgrading of technology in the traditional processing field, the transfer of global manufacturing center to domestic market and the rapid development of emerging industries, China's artificial diamond market is in greater demand, showing a trend of sustained and rapid growth.

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