Industrial graphite powder manufacturers explain the graphite powder what applications

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Industrial graphite powder manufacturers explain the graphite powder what applications

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      With the rapid development of world industry, graphite powder has been regarded as one of the important industrial mineral raw materials at home and abroad. Especially in recent years, with the development of science and technology, graphite has played an important role in various industries.

Graphite ore is divided into crystalline graphite ore and stable crystalline graphite ore. Crystalline graphite ores can also be divided into scales and compactness.

Chinese graphite ore is mainly of scaly crystalline type, followed by cryptocrystalline type. Dense crystalline graphite is only found in tokbra and other individual deposits in xinjiang, which has little industrial value.

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Industrial chemical properties of graphite to keep the original flake graphite namely, acid resistance, corrosion resistance and physical properties, high temperature resistant low temperature resistance, its compressive strength is greater than 800 kg/Cm2, and antioxidant, 1% at 450 ℃ in air weightlessness, rebound rate of 15-50%. It also has strong self - lubricating properties of graphite powder. Therefore, graphite has been widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, high energy physics, aerospace, electronics, etc.

By taking advantage of the properties of graphite, different types of products have been skillfully made according to the needs of engineering: high purity graphite, flexible graphite, compound graphite and so on. In order to improve its performance, graphite is also made into graphite powder composite graphite by combining graphite with fiber, graphite wire, metal mesh and metal processing plate, which greatly increases its strength and elasticity.

Compound graphite is mainly mixed with resin, synthetic rubber, plastic cold pressure or heat combination, as well as liquid graphite and semi-liquid graphite.

Graphite plays an important role in a wide range of fields, such as sealing, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, electric conduction, heat preservation, pressure resistance, wear-resistance and oxidation resistance. Of course, graphite is also quietly entering into modern office supplies. For example, a jiangxi archival supplies factory USES the expansion of graphite to process certain adsorbent drugs, which can keep a year without losing medicine.

As graphite has a small expansion coefficient and is capable of resisting changes of rapid cooling and heat, it can be used as a casting model for glassware. After graphite is used, the casting of black metal is of accurate size, smooth surface and high yield, which can be used without processing or processing, thus saving a lot of metal. Production of hard alloy and other powder metallurgy processes, usually made of graphite materials for pressure - resistant sintering of the boat. In addition, graphite can also be used as graphite heat insulation board and base for vacuum smelting, as well as high temperature resistance furnace tube, rod, plate, lattice shed and other components.

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