Xinrunda sealing material manufacturer explains the eleven advantages of graphite powder

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Xinrunda sealing material manufacturer explains the eleven advantages of graphite powder

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Graphite powder eleven advantages

1.Low surface wettability: graphite will not be wetted by most molten metals.

2. High temperature resistance: graphite will not melt and sublimate at 3900K. Stable in 750K air.

Manufacturer of graphite powder

3. High temperature impact resistance: graphite is especially heat resistant to impact. Therefore, a short period of heating and cooling is not a problem.

4. Specific heat: there is little difference in specific heat between different graphite brands.

5, good mechanical strength, compared with other materials, graphite before 2700 ℃, its tensile strength, compressive strength and flexural strength with temperature rise

High and strong.

6. Fast mechanical processing speed: graphite has good mechanical processing capability and can be made into complicated and high-precision parts. The cutting resistance is 1/4 of copper

The energy rate is twice that of copper.

7. Density: 1.6-1.9g/cm3 is equivalent to 1/4 iron or 1/5 copper. It can be used for large electrode.

8. Fast etching speed: 1.5-3 times as much as copper, and roughing is more beneficial.

9. Low electrode consumption: according to different electrical conditions, it is 1/3 to 1/5 of copper. Graphite powder

10. High thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity of graphite exceeds that of many metals, and decreases with the increase of temperature and varies with the degree of graphitization.

11, small thermal expansion, thermal expansion coefficient between 20-200 ℃ for 3-5 x 10-6 k - 1, equivalent to a quarter of iron.

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