What are the five major categories of graphite powder by use

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What are the five major categories of graphite powder by use

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      Graphite powder is widely used. According to its different USES, we can classify graphite powder into the following categories:

1.Flake graphite powder

Flake graphite powder for extensive USES, also be processed into other graphite powder raw material, Qingdao huatai flake graphite powder specifications ranging from 32 yard to 12000 yard, flake graphite powder, good toughness, good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, can be used as lubricating materials, conductive materials, refractory materials, wear-resisting casting, aluminum casting, molding and high temperature metallurgical materials, etc.

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2. Colloidal graphite powder

Colloidal graphite is formed by an average dispersion of graphite particles less than 2 centimetres in an organic solvent, and colloidal graphite is a suspended liquid with a thick black filament. Colloidal graphite powder has the properties of high quality natural flake graphite, and has special anti-oxidation, self-lubricating and plasticity under high temperature conditions. It also has good conductivity, heat conduction and adhesion, and is mainly used in the industries of sealing, metallurgy and demoulding.

3. Ultra-fine graphite powder

      The specification of ultrafine graphite powder is generally between 1800 and 8000 meshes, and it is mainly used in demodulator of powder metallurgy, graphite crucible, negative electrode of battery and additive of conductive material.

4. Nano graphite powder

Main specifications for the D50 400 nanometers, nano graphite powder of nano graphite powder process is more complex, the yield rate is low, so the price is quite high, relatively is mainly used in anticorrosive coatings, such as lubricating oil additives, additives, precision graphite sealing grease industry, in addition, the nano graphite powder also has the very high application value in scientific research institutions.

5. High purity graphite powder

High purity graphite powder, as its name implies, is highly purified, with an electrical conductivity of 100 times that of ordinary metals and good lubrication. High purity graphite powder is mainly used to make conductive coatings and high strength graphite electrode.

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