What are the main applications of graphite in industry

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What are the main applications of graphite in industry

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Graphite is divided into cryptocrystalline graphite and crystalline graphite. Amorphous graphite is mainly used to make carbon rods and is used in steel industry and casting industry. Crystalline graphite is mainly used in metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, military industry, national defense, aerospace and other fields. The consumption of graphite in China mainly includes 10% refractory, 30% steelmaking, 30% casting, 10% pencil core manufacturing, 10% conductive material and 10% sealing material. In addition, the consumption share of graphite-tube graphite milk, energy-saving anti-wear additive and other applications in the development is less than 1%. Today, the main application of graphite in industry is introduced to xinrunda graphite.

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1.Application of graphite in corrosion resistant materials.

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, wet metallurgy and other field equipment.

2. Application of graphite in sealing materials.

Piston ring gaskets and sealing rings are made of flexible graphite for centrifugal pumps, water turbines, steam turbines and equipment for conveying corrosive media.

3. Application of graphite in conductive materials.

In the electrical industry, graphite is widely used as a coating for electrode, brush, rod, carbon pipe and television picture tube.

4. Application of graphite in refractory materials.

In the smelting industry, graphite is used to make graphite crucible, protect ingot and make magnesium carbon brick lined with smelting furnace.

5. Application of graphite in wear-resistant materials and lubricants.

In a lot of machinery and equipment, using graphite as wear and lubrication materials, can be in 200 ~ 2000 ℃ temperature range sliding at a speed of 100 m/s, no or little use of lubricating oil.

6. Application of graphite in heat insulation, high temperature resistance and radiation protection materials.

Graphite can be used as a neutron moderator in a nuclear reactor, as well as a nozzle of a rocket, a nose cone of a missile, parts for aerospace equipment, heat insulation and radiation protection materials.

Scale graphite has been widely used in various fields of industry. Xingrunda graphite is specialized in producing graphite, flake graphite, expanded graphite and other products. It has been a leading enterprise in the graphite field for 30 years.

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