Qingdao graphite manufacturer introduced the safety of graphite products

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Qingdao graphite manufacturer introduced the safety of graphite products

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Graphite bearing in graphite products is mainly based on graphite material, which is highly self-lubricating and corrosion resistant. It can operate for a long time without using lubricating oil, and is mostly used for sliding bearing. Used in food, beverage, textile and chemical industries, such as transport, dryer, textile machinery and submersible pump motors bearings. Usually it is made of graphite material for pressure - resistant sintering of the boat. The crystal growth crucible of monocrystalline silicon, regional refining vessel, bracket, fixture, induction heater and so on are all made by high purity graphite processing. In addition, graphite can also be used as a graphite heat shield and base for vacuum smelting, as well as high temperature resistance furnace tubes, rods, plates, lattice shelters and other components.

Expandable graphite


The forming and refractory crucible made of graphite has high fire resistance and low thermal expansion. It is also stable when metal is soaked and scoured during smelting. It has good thermal shock stability and good conductivity at high temperature, so it is widely used in the process of direct melting of metal. High purity graphite products are used in high purity metal smelting, electronic industry, nuclear industry and mold manufacturing. Common products are used in aluminum electrolytic digester, powder metallurgy sintering furnace, ferroalloy furnace and other masonry materials in mine heat furnace.

Graphite is safe -- it is free of radioactive contamination, and since carbon has to go through at least a dozen days and nights of graphitization at a temperature of 2,000 to 3,000 degrees to become graphite, the toxic and harmful substances in graphite have been released long ago and are stable for at least two thousand degrees.

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