Qingdao graphite manufacturer to introduce you the types of special graphite

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Qingdao graphite manufacturer to introduce you the types of special graphite

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Special graphite mainly refers to high strength, high density and high purity graphite products, which are widely used in semiconductor, solar photovoltaic, mold, powder metallurgy and vacuum heat treatment. Special graphite can be divided into six categories.

1.Special graphite varieties

The first is the high purity graphite used in the direct pull monocrystalline silicon furnace. Its advantages are high purity, compact structure, high mechanical strength and high thermal conductivity, low linear expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and direct pull monocrystalline furnace heating system

2. Graphite for edm

The advantage of this graphite is that it is very dense and well-organized. High mechanical strength; It has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Good electrode material for electrical machining/spark machining.

Graphite for synthetic diamond

The graphite used in synthetic diamond has high purity, high graphitization degree, large grain size and complete crystal shape. Compact structure, with a certain mechanical strength/synthetic artificial diamond carbon source

4. Mould and continuous casting of graphite

The advantage of this graphite is that it has an appropriate resistivity; Excellent oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance; Dense tissue structure and high mechanical strength; High thermal conductivity/super hard products, sintering mould materials, crystallizers for continuous casting machines such as copper, aluminum, iron and its alloys

5. Graphite for optical fiber

High purity; Compact structure and high mechanical strength; High thermal conductivity; The linear expansion coefficient is low. High temperature resistance, oxidation resistance/fiber precast rod preparation equipment materials, fiber drawing device heating system.

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6. Other special graphite

Other special graphite, such as nuclear graphite, has good nuclear performance and high purity. High temperature mechanical strength; Good thermal stability. Rocket nozzle lining material: high temperature resistance and high performance; Good thermal shock resistance; High temperature mechanical strength high/high temperature gas cooled reactor core structural materials, rocket nozzle lining materials.

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