The application of graphite heat dissipation in LED lighting was studied

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The application of graphite heat dissipation in LED lighting was studied

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Heat dissipation has become one of the most difficult problems in LED lighting industry. Due to poor heat dissipation, the power supply is damaged, the light fading is accelerated, the light efficiency is reduced and the life is shortened, etc., and the suitable heat dissipation material is also one of the key points of heat dissipation design. At present, most of the heat dissipation materials used in high power LED are aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is a material with good thermal conductivity and moderate price in metal heat dissipation, so it is widely used in LED heat dissipation design. However, there is also a mistake in the industry, strong thermal conductivity is not equal to strong heat dissipation capacity. Industry insiders point out that aluminum alloy as the structure of LED lamps is very appropriate, but as the main heat dissipation material is not necessarily a better choice.

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As a good heat conduction material, aluminum has a strong heat conduction function, but the heat dissipation is slow, so it needs a material with strong heat dissipation capability. Graphite heat dissipation is a good application. At present, many foreign companies are studying this material. Graphite has the advantages of strong heat conduction, fast heat dissipation and low cost. In view of the heat generated by high-speed electronic movement and the heat dissipation problems existing in LED environmental protection lighting, it breaks through the manufacturing mode of traditional graphite radiator, and produces the ordered ultra-high performance heat dissipation graphite at normal temperature.

Leds are cold light sources, but they still generate "hot" energy. Need to have a power to take away heat, domestic enterprises are trying to do this research and development, production design a rod about the size of a round coin, embedded behind a single light source, forming an independent light source device, can be free combination of multiple units, convenient for the design and manufacture of various lamps and lanterns. This patented technology has started the pioneer of graphite heat dissipation in China, which is believed to be a trend of LED heat dissipation in the future.

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